Fine Gael receives a prestigious award

enda kenny
Enda Kenny of Fine Gael

Fine Gael has been selected to host the Congress to launch the 2014 European election campaign of the European People’s Party. The Congress will take place in Dublin in late February/early March at the Dublin Convention Centre. Heads of government, party leaders, ministers, national and European parliamentarians and delegates from EPP member parties throughout Europe will participate in this event. Commenting on this notice Leader of Fine Gael and Taoiseach Enda Kenny said «I am delighted that the European People’s Party has decided to hold this very important Congress in Dublin. As a founding member party of the EPP, Fine Gael is proud to host this event and to welcome the leaders and delegates of our sister parties from all over Europe to Dublin». Also, Kenny said «Next year’s European elections are crucially important for the future of the European Union. At this Congress, which will be the biggest event ever organized by EPP and will attract great international media attention, we will decide on our election manifesto and we will choose a presidential candidate that will lead the party’s EU-wide election campaign». Fine Gael Politician and Minister of State for European Affairs Lucinda Creighton said about the elections of next year «These will be European elections like no other. Europe and European policies are in sharp focus right now and it is an opportunity for parties to put forward competing ideas. It is also unique in that every political party is running a candidate for the post of President of the Commission, which has never happened before».

Enrico Lastrico

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